Learning resources#

This section links to training and self-led learning resources, which relate to sections of the guidance.

Many of these learning resources point to the UK Statistics Authority Learning Hub. All government analysts can request an account for the hub.

Please note that learning resources from non-government training providers (i.e. not accessed through the Hub) may not always follow best practice. However, exposure to a range of applied examples will still benefit your learning. You should compare and contrast your learning to the good practices outlined in the guidance.

Core programming#

The RAP learning pathway covers training for most of the good practices outlined in this book, with a focus on Python and R. Other courses below can be used to supplement this learning.




Data manipulation#




Command line tools#




Making software accessible#

Reproducible Analytical Pipelines#

Learing from mistakes#

Finally, it is often good to see what not to do and learn from the mistakes of others. The following is a compliation of bad code in Python, but worth a read whatever your language as most apply to R and Python, as well as other languages.