Below are links to department-specific profiles. These contain the outputs present on the summary statistics page, filtered by department. Only departments with 20 or more respondents are included.

Department sample sizes

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Department Sample size
Welsh Government 104
Scottish Government (excl. agencies) 26
Public Health England 39
Office for National Statistics 213
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research<br>Agency 24
Ministry of Justice (excl. agencies) 36
Ministry of Housing, Communities and<br>Local Government (excl. agencies) 35
Ministry of Defence 27
Home Office (excl. agencies) 54
HM Revenue and Customs 46
Department of Health and Social Care<br>(excl. agencies) 24
Department for Work and Pensions 44
Department for Transport (excl.<br>agencies) 52
Department for International Trade 24
Department for Environment, Food and<br>Rural Affairs (excl. agencies) 27
Department for Education 35
Department for Business, Energy and<br>Industrial Strategy (excl. agencies) 23
Defence Science and Technology<br>Laboratory 56
Cabinet Office (excl. agencies) 38
a Sample size = 1060
  1. Cabinet Office (excl. agencies)
  2. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
  3. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (excl. agencies)
  4. Department for Education
  5. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (excl. agencies)
  6. Department for International Trade
  7. Department for Transport (excl. agencies)
  8. Department for Work and Pensions
  9. Department of Health and Social Care (excl. agencies)
  10. HM Revenue and Customs
  11. Home Office (excl. agencies)
  12. Ministry of Defence
  13. Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (excl. agencies)
  14. Ministry of Justice (excl. agencies)
  15. Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
  16. Office for National Statistics
  17. Public Health England
  18. Scottish Government (excl. agencies)
  19. Welsh Government